6 Flying with Children Tips for Grandparents

Flying with children can prove to be a bit of a challenge, more so a challenge if you’re dealing with infants but in this article we’ll be talking about toddlers and small children. But we have a couple of tips for grandparents who find themselves in this situation, because most kids will love the idea of going on a plane trip, but won’t be that happy with the experience itself.

Flying with children tips for grandparents

1. Get to the airport early

This shouldn’t come as a surprise since it would be a good idea to get there a couple of hours early anyway, especially if you’re going on an international flight. You need to make sure that the flight is on time, check in baggage and everything else but it will also offer your kids a new and exciting place and things to see, which gets us to our second point.

2. Take them around the airport to see everything

This has two main benefits of both occupying the time till your flight time comes as well as burning off some of their youthful energy so that they’re possibly less hyper while on the flight.

3. Airplane watching is a great pass-time

This tip connects with the second one because even the ‘oldest’ of children will still find airplane watching to be a great pass-time.

4. Observe the nearby gates call the travelers to board

Again, this is a great way of spending the time while also showing them what to expect when you’re called to board.

5. Take them to the cockpit to meet the pilot

This may or may not be possible, depending on the airline and flight, because the pilot may not be available when you board, but will definitely be there when you leave.

6. Make sure you have some activities to occupy your children with during the flight

You can either go for the classic of coloring and activity books, or you can just let them have fun with a laptop or some other portable gadget.

Make their flight into one of the best experiences they’ve ever had.


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You can watch the video on Youtube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVdEmLHigZg