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What to do in Izmir

What to do in Izmir

Are you planning a trip to Turkey? If so, then be sure to put Izmir on your travel list. What to do in Izmir is exactly the subject of our chat today. Let’s see what the third greatest (and most populous) city in Turkey has in store for a seasoned traveler!

When we say “Anatolia” we basically say “Izmir”. No wonder! It has more than 4000 years of recorded urban history. It used to be one of the greatest mercantile cities in the ancient world, known by its original name: Smyrna. Today, most people come to Izmir to admire the beauty of a resort by the Aegean Sea.

The Hellenistic cultural influence is very poignant in Izmir, as shown in the old Greek and Roman ruins at the Agora. The walls and colonnades, now mere relics from a long-lost time, shine beautifully in the sunrise light. After you’ve enjoyed this moment of tranquility and beauty, you can continue your exploration.

The heart of the city – and a drop of modernity in this town of old history – is the great Konak Square.

The 1901 clock tower… well, towers over the entire city center. It’s a good place to snap some pictures and begin your exploration of the city. The promenade by the sea, lined with coffee shops and boutiques, lies close by. It is called the Kordon and includes several emblematic tourist attractions, including the Konak Pier customs house built by French architect Gustave Eiffel. The house is now a mall.

Also, the pier is where we suggest you take a ferry trip, to get a feel of the city from far away, in the middle of the sea.

If you think the whole notion of traveling around a new city is a tad intimidating, we recommend taking a minute before your trip to book an Izmir airport transfer. As well as transport from and back to the airport, you can opt for a ride in town or even a tour.