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The wonders of Dalaman

The wonders of Dalaman

If you are planning a trip to Turkey, the wonders of Dalaman are aspects you really should consider when making your choice.

Sunny throughout the year, displaying picturesque landscapes of green fertile soil and breathtaking views over the endless Mediterranean Sea, Dalaman province is the place that welcomes thousands of foreigners.

Dalaman International Airport is flooded in the summer months. You can book a Dalaman Airport transfer for a very affordable price and travel around the region to see its wonders. Here are just a few of the experiences that should make your list:

1. Hiking on the amazing Lycian Way, the mountainous path that goes from Fethiye all the way to the coast to Antalya, passing some of the most dramatic landscapes. Scented cedar and pine forests, enchanting villages, mountain tops and sunlit beaches will come your way.

2. Shopping in Marmaris will plunge you into a world full of colors, excitement and happy noises. The Marmaris bazaar is the place you will find your heart’s desire: everything, from Turkish delight to gold and silver, clothes, leatherwork and handicrafts can be found there.

3. Do you want to swim with the… turtles? On the Turquoise Coast, you can admire the most beautiful Loggerhead turtles, an endangered species. You might find that, albeit they are slow on earth, the turtles are excellent and quite swift swimmers!

4. The sulphur-rich mud baths in Dalyan are an international attraction for those who are not afraid to get a bit dirty if only to treat their rheumatism or increase their immunity. It will be one of the healthiest baths – albeit, not the most pleasantly-smelling – you could ever take.

5.  Turunc is a Blue Flag beach in Dalaman ideal for practicing windsurfing. If this dangerous, but rewarding sport is not your cup of tea, you can explore the adjacent village or simply sunbathe.