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Warm destinations for this February

Warm destinations for this February

OK, admittedly, spring is not yet here – at least not in the Northern Hemisphere, where winter seems to stretch endless and cold throughout most of the world. But there are rays of hope – or, more practically speaking, rays of warm sun to signal that, nevertheless, winter has its days numbered. Today, we get to discuss some Warm destinations for this February. The list is here:

1. Cancun, one of the most prominent cities in Mexico, is everything you may desire in a hot destination – and by “hot”, we mean both popular and warm. The weather in Mexico is warm and mild in February, which is a pleasant and dry month.

Why choose Cancun? Apart from the myriad historical places you can visit, there are excellent resorts in Mexico, where you can enjoy all the luxury your heart desires for very affordable prices.
You can also rent a car in Cancun, pick it up straight from the airport as soon as you arrive and enjoy its benefit throughout your stay.hard-rock-hotel-cancun

2. You might have heard of a sunny happy place in Philippines named Phuket. It is warm and awesome and buzzing with excitement. But on the other hand, it can be a bit too much and may not exactly qualify as a relaxing getaway. On the other hand, Boracay Island in the Philippines is a feast for the eyes and the soul. Lying in the warm sun on the sand in the middle of winter – without freezing – is a reality here.phuket-transfer-beach

3. And if you are in for a truly Oriental experience, go to Bangkok in Thailand in February! The weather is pleasant – as opposed to completely hot in summer – and there are temples to visit, gardens already in bloom to walk in and architecture to admire. The eclectic and diverse world here combines the old and the new in a marvelous mix.bangkok



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