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Spring is coming to Malta

Spring is coming to Malta

It might be just February still, but that means Spring is coming to Malta already! With temperatures well above the European averages, Malta is a perfect getaway for every soul in search of sun and eager to escape the wintery landscape of home.

Malta is one of the “hot” destinations these days – in more ways than one. It is an exotic destination, an idyllic paradise of blue sea and yellow sun, old architecture with rustic winding cobblestone streets and a lovely melange of cultures, languages and people. And you can find all this on an island at the heart of Europe.

Apart from the weather, there are many other reasons to prove that Malta is a hot destination. One of them is that many scenes from the popular TV series “Game of Thrones” were shot here. Mdina and Rabat are just two of the places where your favorite characters took life under the bright sun of Malta. Did you think the famous King’s Landing is located in Malta and that you can take a wonderful walk through its gardens on the island?

Maegor’s Holdfast is another attraction you can explore, a fortress which served as the setting for another emblematic scene, the Battle of the Blackwater.

You can go for a traditional Malta tour as well, an exclusive experience by car with a private driver and guide. Gozo, for instance, is a lovely one day destination.

The Malta National Aquarium is a must-see for everyone willing to learn more and delve deeper into the heart of a city with a rich maritime tradition.
And how about sunbathing for the first time this year? Let’s not forget the main reason people come to such beautiful places as Malta: it has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Just lying in the sun, celebrating spring…