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Visit Colombo, Sri Lanka

Visit Colombo, Sri Lanka

There are names that trigger the idea of an exotic vacation, beautifully warm beaches and also entertaining spots and landscapes any photographer would die for. If you are looking for all this and more, visit Colombo, Sri Lanka and then tell us what you think!

Colombo is the commercial capital of Sri Lanka, as well as its largest town, a lively agglomeration of people, businesses and an excellent tourist destination.

In the following lines, we invite you to escape the cold confines of winter once again and travel to the heart of Colombo while discovering its best places to visit!

We recommend we start our incursion through Sri Lanka and Colombo in a place full of color and life: the Galle Face Garden. This urban park by the shore of the Indian Ocean has a popular promenade built in 1859 and has been used for horse racing, golfing events, cricket and rugby matches, as well as for official ceremonies and military displays. It definitely gives a glimpse into the history of the place.

The next stops are the National Museum and the Viharamahadevi Park nearby. The park was formerly known as the Victoria Park, during the British age, but now it epitomizes Sri Lanka and the East, with a large Buddha statue towering over the multiple fountains and alleys.

While in Colombo, don’t forget to visit a restaurant where you can taste the national varieties of seafood and also visit the Gangarama Vihara Temple, a place of pilgrimage excellent for meditation.

You can do all this and more while you travel throughout the town and we recommend you do so comfortably and conveniently by booking a taxi Colombo online through the mobile application or the cited website, where you can choose from a large selection of Sri Lanka taxi services. Enjoy your trip to Sri Lanka and your ride!