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How to avoid expensive phone calls when traveling to USA

How to avoid expensive phone calls when traveling to USA

The promised land of all possibilities, the United States of America opens its arms not only to refugees and immigrants, but to a lot of tourists who come here to take a breath of freedom and marvel at the general magnificence.

My friend from Canada also travels extensively to the USA and I thought I would share one of his “travel secrets” with you. It is called Roam Mobility Breeze USA Travel Phone and it can save you lots of money you would otherwise have to spend on Roaming taxes. Here’s how it works:

Basically, there is this company that offers you the possibility to take your mobile phone with you to the United States (or to Mexico) and not have to pay Roaming Fees. Instead of paying hundreds of Dollars on this, you have the option of paying around 2 Dollars per day access to use the Roam Mobility phone. The same goes with Data also.

You will, of course, have to actually buy a cell phone from this company. The cell comes with a SIM card and it is unlocked. You the log on to your account with Roam Mobility to activate the SIM. Only afterwards will you buy your plan, starting at $ 1.95/Day and inform the dates of your trip.

You can also take your own phone, in which case you will have to make sure the mobile phone you have is unlocked and buy a Rosm SIM card (depending on the size of the slot). The procedure from here on is similar, log on to your account to activate and choose your pricing plan and use the new SIM.

After that, as soon as you get to the United States of America, you can call home and talk as long as you like to your loved ones.