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Why Visit Cairo?

Why Visit Cairo?

One of the largest cities in the Middle Eastern region as well as the political and cultural heart of Egypt, visiting Cairo means that there will never be a dull moment during your stay. With the legendary Pyramids and accompanying nobles’ tombs less than a half-hour taxi ride away and museums within the city that house the priceless treasures and other artifacts recovered from the royal tombs, Cairo is a prime destination for those fascinated by Ancient Egyptian history. While Cairo is proud of its exalted place in Egypt’s extensive history, it also equally embraces modern times with its bustling souks, lovely parks that offer a retreat from the fast pace of the city, and lively nightlife activities ranging from a night at the opera to live concerts. There is so much to see and do during your stay in Cairo that you may feel overwhelmed by all of your options!

Things To Do In Cairo

Taking a tour of The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities is an absolute must-do during your time in Cairo. With two floors filled with exhibits of mummies, coins, statues, sarcophagi and many other items recovered through various archaeological excavations, a tour of this museum allows an even greater appreciation of the splendors of Ancient Egypt. For a great view of Cairo without having to ascend the Cairo Tower, the Citadel and Mosque of Mohamed Ali Pasha is a great spot to take pictures of the city with the Pyramids in the background. A short distance from the Citadel, the Saint Samaan The Tanner Monastery is a tribute to the ingenuity of Egyptians, where quarters for monks as well as Coptic churches have been built within enormous caves as well as beneath nearby cliffs. Should you find yourself missing the sight of greenery, a stroll through Al-Azhar park can be very relaxing.

Hotels In Cairo

cairoJust as there are many things to see and do, there are a plethora of hotels in Cairo to choose from. From enjoying a complimentary breakfast at the start of the day or admiring the reflections of the stars in the River Nile from your hotel room at the end of the day, the friendly, English-speaking staff at Cairo hotels are always happy to make you feel at home in their establishments. Budget hotels are a comfortable and convenient option for travelers who seek to get the most out of their limited funds with air-conditioned rooms and a tour desk available to help you make the most of your time in Cairo. These hotels are also conveniently located near the downtown area to minimize the need to hire a taxi. For the ultimate in relaxation and comfort during your stay in Cairo, the city’s 5 star hotels have lush gardens and can arrange for you to be picked up from the airport once you arrive. After a gourmet dinner at one of the hotel’s on-site restaurants, you can dance the night away at the hotel’s nightclub, or indulge in a few drinks at your hotel’s bar with friends and other travelers. Book Hotels in Cairo via by clicking on Hotels in Cairo

I am sure that you will enjoy your holiday in Cairo.



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