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The ultimate list of winter holidays destinations (Part 2)

The ultimate list of winter holidays destinations (Part 2)

Thank you for joining us once more in our virtual excursion that will take us around Earth on a quest to constructing the ultimate list of winter holidays destinations. After talking about Vienna and Laponia, two of the most beautiful places to be during the winter season, today we are going to move to other continents in our exploration.

The city that never sleeps is lit up in an explosion of colour and merriment on Christmas. New York is definitely one of the best places to be during your winter holidays. The Big Apple has glamorous entertainment for everyone, but for the last night of the year (and first morning of the new year, respectively), there are mainly two places that top the list: the Rockefeller Center and the exclusive R Lounge in Times Square.

Thousands of people flock to Times Square on December 31st (some arriving one whole day before the actual event) to get a place with a view over the scene and get to take a snapshot of the majestic fireworks. It is a beautiful experience, but also a lesson in patience and tenacity. For the privileged, there is a far better option: an unlimited flow of champagne, live quality music and the best of American cuisine at the Renaissance R Lounge for (“just…”) 4000 dollars.

Who says Europe and America are the only places to spend winter? Tradition meets technology is a tight-knot blend in the amazing Japanese capital city, Tokyo. Shogatsu is the Japanese name of New Year, and the celebration is an explosion of fireworks and markets. The Oriental style interferes (harmoniously) with the Western take, so you can get a glimpse of something else. On the first day of the year, you can join people for the traditional celebration of Hatsumode, the first religious Shinto shrine procession of the year. On January 2nd, you may get the chance to see the Emperor’s New Year Greeting.

Does this schedule sound busy and entertaining enough for you?