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The ultimate list of winter holidays destinations (Part 1)

The ultimate list of winter holidays destinations (Part 1)

“Chestnuts roasting on an open fire” and the sounds of “jingle bells” in the cool winter air… The beautiful aroma of Christmas and New Year’s Eve is what brings people all together, in the most family-appealing of all celebrations. Nevertheless, there are those who choose not to spend the holidays in the peace and warmth of their hearth.

The ultimate list of winter holidays destinations will give you ideas of the most awesome places to go to spend the glamorous winter celebrations this year or maybe another year. Whether you want to visit Santa’s home or attend a fairytale ball, there is a place for you under the… well, snow.

Quite predictably, Europe, with its cold snowy white winters and flamboyant Christmases, contains the best places where one can celebrate in company. Vienna, the capital city of Austria, is renowned for preserving the romantic atmosphere of the lost days of the empire. Each year, over 450 balls are held in Vienna during the winter season which starts on November 21st and ends in January. The world-famous ultimate celebration is The New Year’s Eve Ball at the Hofburg Imperial Palace. Tickets are booked months in advance and the official attire is compulsory if you want to step into the palace of the legendary emperors Franz and Sissi.

Santa Claus is everywhere and everyone’s these days. But if you want to visit the place where it all began, you can book a vacation in Laponia, the snow-covered paradise where you can watch the Northern Lights and visit Kakslauttanen, the village of igloos – though you are not forced to get lodgings there. You can always settle for the comfortable warm confines of a surprisingly modern hotel.

So if you are up to traveling all around the world, join us again soon as we unravel more amazing destinations.