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Top US travel destinations for 2013 part 2

Top US travel destinations for 2013 part 2

Today we’re continuing our look into top US travel destinations for 2013, so without further ado, let’s jump in it.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The place mostly known for cheesesteaks, The Fresh Prince, and a very good Bruce Springsteen song, Philadelphia is starting to garner a reputation for something of an art capital. There is of course the renowned Philadelphia Museum of Art with its very little seen collection of Matisse, Renoir and Cezanne, which now has a new central location.  The local gallery scene is also exploding with new venues such as the Icebox which is attracting international attention, and of course the event of ‘First Fridays’ which is a long tradition in the Old City that has now spread to the refurbished Loft District.

American Samoa

Most everybody knows about the tropical paradise that the Hawaii islands are, but not many realize that a bit further from the US mainland there’s American Samoa, where you’ll find some of the most stunning and untouched beauty that the Pacific has to offer, with a national park that simply has to be visited by hikers. Getting here will take a bit of time and changing some flights, however once you reach the lovely Tutuila island, with its waterfalls, fishing villages and spectacular beaches, you’ll understand that the hassle was totally worth it. And there are a few other islands in the region with wonderful unspoilt panoramas.

Eastern Sierra, California

This is the year when you should skip Yosemite and go a bit beyond it, to where you’ll find a secret of California, the Eastern Sierra. This overlooked flank of the Sierra Nevada range features natural attractions which seem to come from other worlds and a bunch of surprises, not to mention the smaller numbers of visitors. You can see the Travertine hot springs in Bridgeport, and then following the rather scenic US Route 395 to the Gold Rush ghost town of Bodie, then see Mono Lake’s otherworldly calcified tufa towers, it’s a special type of experience indeed.

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