Top travel tech disasters (part 3)

Top travel tech disasters (part 3)

Today we’ll conclude our list of top travel tech disasters that can happen to you or your party while traveling.

GPS batteries die out

Nowadays GPS is no longer something that only the military or a special few have access to. It has transformed navigation, allowing people to go into the most remote of places and still being capable of finding their way out. The only problem with this is that if your batteries run out then your GPS is downgraded to the state of a paperweight.

In order to prepare for this you should always pack a traditional compass with you as back-up and obiously pack some spare batteries for the GPS. Don’t rely on your smartphone to help you, there are definitely places on the planet where you won’t have any usable signal to check Google Maps.

You can’t access your files (because your gadget has been stolen by a monkey)

Obviously there can be many other reasons that will stop you from accesing your files so that’s why you need to back-up your important files – in this case photos and footage – to a cloud-based service. This way if your machine dies or is lost or gets damaged, you’ll still have your information safe and sound.

Another way of protecting your data would be to email yourself important documents and photos so that you can always download them from a different place or even better, save them on a solid state memory stick.

You dropped your smart gadget into water

This one is a problematic one to deal with, the best advice being to not drop your smartphone in the drink but in case that does happen there are a couple of things you can try to resurrect it.

The first thing you can do, after you retrieve it from the water, is to turn it off as quickly as possible, wipe it down as best you can and cover it in uncooked rice for 24 hours. The uncooked rice will absorb as much moisture from within the phone as possible so it’s worth a try.

In case you know you have a penchant to drop your phone and you’re also visiting a very wet place, look into some of the special waterproof cases that might be available for your model.

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