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Top travel destinations for rock’n’roll enthusiasts (part 5)

Top travel destinations for rock’n’roll enthusiasts (part 5)

We definitely have a lot of places to visit on our round-the-world rock’n’roll trip, we can’t go everywhere but we’re going to mention just a few more of the most important ones.

New York City – The Ed Sullivan Theatre

Ed Sullivan might’ve looked like a grumpy man but his stage was graced by pretty much every major musical influence in recent Western history – this is the place after all where the Beatles launched what would be later called the British Invasion, back in 1964. The show has also entered music legend because it’s where Jim Morrison chose to ignore censorship when singing a lyric from ‘Light My Fire’ and where Mick Jagger rolled his eyes when he did change a word from ‘Let’s Spend the Night Together’. Ever since 1993 the studio has been home to the Late Show with David Letterman.

Beverly Hills – Hotel California

The hotel in ‘Hotel California’ is a metaphor – we hope everybody knows this by now, but there have been some who tried to link the song to the Hotel California in Todos Santos, Mexico. The hotel that is featured on the cover of the Eagles album on the other hand, is the Beverly Hills Hotel, an all-time classic.

Liverpool – the city of the Beatles

If you’re in Liverpool and you’re a fan of music history, you’ll have to go to the Cavern Club – which has been rebuilt. There are special taxi tours that you can go on to see the Beatles’ childhood homes and other important locations like Penny Lane. You will surely want to visit Strawberry Field which was immortalized in the ‘Strawberry Fields’ song.

Hollywood, California – Whisky A Go Go

This is the birthplace of ‘go go’ dancers, a legendary rock club which acted as a launching pad and point-of-entry for many big names since it opened in 1964. This is where Frank Zappa met his wife, where Van Morrison’s Them played for two weeks and from where The Doors were fired as a house band due to Jim Morrison’s more arguable lyrics in ‘The End’.