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Top tourist places in Sri Lanka

Top tourist places in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is not only about beaches. If you travel interior there are a lot of hidden places to be discovered. If you like to visit places with cool climate, there aren’t a lot of places in Sri Lanka however Nuwara Eliya would certainly be one of them. Situated in the centre of Sri Lanka Nuwara Eliya is a hill station, just a little towards the south. When Sri Lanka was ruled by British, this is where most of the British came for a perfect summer holiday destination. The center of attraction of this country is Kandy which is located in center of Sri Lanka.

The effect of the colonial time can still be observed in the city, whether it could be nicknamed as ‘Little England’ or in the construction or in the different activities which you can engross yourself in when there, for instance horse riding, golf or boating.

Another extremely vital aspect of Nuwara Eliya is that it is one of the most significant cities as long as production of tea is concerned. Hence be ready to see never-ending spread outs of tea plantation on both sides when you are visiting Nuwara Eliya. Must visit one of the many tea factories spotted along the way, for example the Labukele Tea Garden. The locals there will happily take you through the process of making tea from plucking the leaf, to processing it, whereas they show you around their garden. Get ready to be mystified by the range and flavours of tea you can purchase there.

Hakgala Botanical Garden is just a little ahead of the Seetha Kovil that is another attractive spot to visit. Spread over a huge area, it is adequate to keep the nature lovers out there engaged for hours together.

Kandy Sri Lanka is the most vital city to visit after Colombo. There is no scarcity of things to do and spots to visit here. In ancient times, Kandy is vital as it was one of the last kingdoms to stay independent from migration. It will be the first main town which you come across while travelling towards the Central Highlands on the way from Colombo.

There are a lot of good resorts spotted around the lake on all the sides. The modern Kandy city centre is in close proximity to the temple of tooth, and the shopping complex, which is a best example of the wonderful combination of ancient and modern which this amazing town is.



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