6 Awesome Backpacker Tours In Cambodia

6 Awesome Backpacker Tours In Cambodia

Have you ever considered taking a tour in Cambodia as a backpacker? Well, I am going to enlighten you about these tour packages. This article will feature 6 funky Cambodian backpacker tours.

1. The Mad Monkey Kamikaze

The tour that tops my list is the Mad Monkey Kamikaze Tour, for good reason, I was one of the six people on this tour when it first ran and I had the absolute time of my life.

This tour is chock full of fun and adventurous activities. The other tours mentioned are good as well but there is something different about the Mad Monkey Kamikaze Tour, it certainly is not your normal run of the mill-packaged tour.

If you take a gander at my friend and supremo travel writers website beyondblighty.com you will also see that she covers the tour in much more detail than I do here.

Although riding on a tuk-tuk is an adventure in itself, the mode of transportation that seats approximately 14 persons is significantly improved with the seamlessly free flow of ice cold beer that became a staple of the Kamikaze run.

The tour encompasses visits to the towns of Kampot and Kep and takes you out into the country side of the South Eastern region of Cambodia. You can visit the Gibbon Valley Animal Sanctuary and even pick pepper on the pepper farms in Kampot. The tour lasts for just 4 days yet it is filled with so many activities you will be forgiven for thinking that it lasted longer.

TopBananaParty_Sj615Whilst in Kep, we had the opportunity to sample calamari, crab and a local fish dish called Amok. The total tour cost; less than $150 including your accommodation making this my number one choice for backpackers. More information at www.madmonkeyhostels.com

2. Secrets of Angkor

This tour is special because you begin and end your voyage in the town of Siem Reap which of course is already famous for its ancient temples and monuments to the gods of yesteryear.

It is not cheap, and costs $740.00 US in the month of January, however in the other months of the year the price goes up to about $830.00 US.

It is inclusive of all meals, tour guide accommodation and transportation. On the first day, you get to visit the famous temples in the Angkor complex, enjoy your lunch that is served in a restaurant located in the forest, and get the chance to relax afterwards with a deserving nap in a hammock.

Day 2 involves a trip to a small village. You see locals planting and harvesting rice. You also go on a jungle exploration. The last stop is a visit to the Banteay Kdei temple. On the last day, the group visits the Tonle Sap Lake by boat. You get to see floating villages before your return to town. This tour is ideal if you are a more mature traveller and have the cash to spend on what is a short but adventure packed tour in comparative luxury for the money.

3. Cambodia or Wat

This is an eight day tour, with the cheapest advertised price I could find being on www.gapyear.com, this tour package costs $765.00 US which is exceptional when you consider that this tour will ensure you visit the 3 South East Asian countries of Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand.

Cambodia or Wat begins in Bangkok and ends in Ho Chi Minh. The group gets to explore the Genocide Museum, Angkor Wat plus the Killing Fields. Seven nights’ accommodation is included however only 1 breakfast is provided, boo!, but still not bad value everything considered.  

4. Ultimate Cambodia

This tour is for 12 days and costs $720.00 US. Your visit begins in Bangkok where you can get a Thai massage, explore the amazing temples or break from the group to explore the city.

In addition, the Angkor complex awaits you on your second day. You also have the option of sampling street food in Siem reap for an optional extra.

The tour heads South to visit Sihanoukville by private coach stopping to see the birds and animals in the Ream National Park. Not to be left out is a visit to Phnom Penh and finally Ho Chi Minh City. This tour made the cut because it really does cram a lot in, based on just 12 days to fully explore all the hot spots this tour just about manages to pull it off, although I would imagine there is a fair amount of boring bus time it is reasonably well priced all things considered.

5. Phnom Penh’s Past

This tour is the cheapest one I could find and it costs only $40.00 US. That is a real bargain for the backpacker who is travelling on a tight budget. You are picked up from your hotel in the morning before you are whisked off to get a glimpse of the war ruins, a tour of the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum and the killing fields. This old school was once a torture centre. The Killing Fields is the next attraction on the itinerary. Snacks are provided. The entrance fees to the Museum and the Killing Fields are included plus the travel guide and transportation.

6. Cambodia Experience

The Cambodia Experience is the final tour package on my list. This tour costs $918.40 US which although pricy lasts for 21 days. According to www.realgap.co.uk, this tour has a personal touch to it. The backpacker can actually volunteer his/her services for 5 days in the local town during the trip. You can relax at Sihanoukville, a popular beach. Visits to Angkor Wat complex and Khmer Rouge sites in Phnom Penh are included.

That is a wrap for my top 6-backpacker tours of Cambodia, if you have any more that you think I have missed I would be pleased to hear your comments.