Top ten destinations for eco-minded travelers for 2014 (part 3)

Top ten destinations for eco-minded travelers for 2014 (part 3)

Let’s continue our look at a few more destinations for eco-minded travelers.

Chiloe, Chile

The country of Chile is an interesting destination in and of itself but in this article we’ll be going down a seldomly walked dirt road, quite a distance from anything else in a tiny hamlet called Chepu, located in the northern part of Parque Nacional Chiloe. This is where you’ll find an eco-lodge perched aboce the confluence of three rivers and a fascinating sunken forest – a result of a massive earthquake back in 1960.

The owners of this lodge have designed everything related to this eco-lodge with the end goal of providing complete self-suficciency meaning that you’ll find infrarer solar showers, wind-turbines and wood-alternative fibre construction.

The surroundings are filled with potential for a whole slew of outdoorsy activities – one of the main one being kayaking – and the sight of the sunken forrest is truly breathtaking.

Taroudant, Morocco

Morocco is a pretty well-known destination for the more adventurous European travelers interested in experiencing a weird and interesting mix of cultures.

The place that we’ll be talking about however is a tall medina house located in the market town of Taroudant and is a great place from which one can start learning about the Berber culture.

The English-speaking staff organizes visits to rural villages as well as to schemes supported by their gusts such as local soap-making and beekeeping cooperatives.

Other offerings of the Maison Anglais – English House – include serving locally grown produce as well as the day trips to various places in the surroundings.

New Mexico, USA

Obviously not the entire state – that would be wonderful and rather impossible – but this is a great chance to see what it would be like to live completely off the grid. You’ll be staying in the foothills of the Sagre de Cristo mountains near Taos, where you’ll find a small collection of buildings that seem to come from a different world. These are the Earthships, buildings made from recycled materials and boasting some impeccable green credentials.

Keep in mind some worldwide car rental services when visiting any of these places.