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Top ten destinations for eco-minded travelers for 2014 (part 2)

Top ten destinations for eco-minded travelers for 2014 (part 2)

Today we’re continuing our look at destinations for eco-minded travelers for 2014 and today we’ll be going to some very far away places, because if you’re going to travel with a mind for sustainability you might as well go to some very exotic places to do so.

Chole Island, Mafia Archipelago – Tanzania

Heading for the Chole Mjini lodge will take you to a place like no other along the Tanzanian coast, and the coast itself is quite particular in itself. The accomodation was designed to resemble tree houses – simple and chic dwellings nestleed amid the vegetation so as to offer maximum privacy.

Event though there’s not a true beach nearby, the sea and sand still dominate the local life, with snorkelling and diving being important activities to engage in, as well as excursion to the white sandbanks and neighboring islands.

The great thing about this place is that all the profits are channelled towards all manner of local eco-projects. Over the span of almost two decades of existence, the lodge has had an important positive impact on the life on the island, especially in terms of education and health. The village tours and visits to the nearby school and clinic offer a glimpse into what has been achieved.

Aguas Calientes, Peru

Set in the valley below what could be the world’s most famous ruins, the Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo hotel is surrounded by what is unfortuantely the fast-disappearing Andean cloud forest.

The hotel itself takes the shape of whitewashed casitas – or cottages – which are spread aroudn the 12-acre site. The rooms are all full of Peruvian fabrics, ceramics and art commissioned by the owner’s wife. But by far the real enchantment stems from the forest itself which is a stupefying ecosystem of all manner of creatures and vegetation.

The hotel offers guided tours of the fabled citadel, that’s is surely not to be missed.



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