The Top Five Most Romantic Things To Do In Rome

The Top Five Most Romantic Things To Do In Rome

More than the array of ruins, ancient structures, rich historical collections and notable works of arts, Rome is also a great place for couples who wish to savor a romantic holiday with each other. Because of its different picturesque and fascinating sightseeing spots, Rome has become one of the cities in the world that attracts couples from all over the globe. Here are the top five most romantic things that couples should not miss trying when having a holiday trip in Rome.


Take a view of Rome from Gianicolo

Ancient Rome is popularly known for its seven hills. No wonder why belvedere is considered the most romantic spot in Rome. If you wish to see Rome in its entirety, you can witness the most picturesque and breathtaking view from Gianicolo, just above Trastevere. From Gianicolo, you can be able to see the landscape of the most famous spots in Rome, including the Vittorio Emmanuelle monument situated in Piazza Venezia and the Pantheon. You may also relish a romantic vista of the eternal city as the whole city slowly unfolds right in front of you during sunrise. The sweet daybreak atmosphere and the fragrance of the morning mist are just too romantic and cozy around Gianicolo. If you want to explore the area a bit more, you can head to Quarcia del Tasso Amphitheater where you can enjoy a relaxing moment sitting on its serene paces. Just a short walk more, you can find the exquisite terrace of Pincio where you can savor a breathtaking and an overlooking view of Piazza del Popolo.


A stroll at the Aventine Hill and the Giardino degli Aranci

If you are in quest for an atmospheric, tranquil and beautiful place where you can share an intimate moment with your most cherished mate, the Aventine Hill is no doubt the place you are looking for. This romantic place is a bit concealed, making it one best charming spot for lovers. From the Aventine Hill, you can take a quick stroll to Parco Savello, also known as Giardino degli Aranci. Parco Savello is famous for its Orange and Rose Gardens. It is believed that the very first orange tree in Rome was planted by Saint Dominic during the 13th century in Giardino degli Aranci. If you want to get the most out of your Parco Savello sightsee, you can visit the park when roses are in full blossom. There is nothing more romantic than strolling through Parco Savello with the sweet aroma and the striking splendor of roses around you. You may choose to take a walk around the garden, sit along the Trastevere River while enjoying the scenic landscape or take a little walk up hill to enjoy the calming fragrance of orange trees while taking a good view of Saint Peter’s.


Screwing your very own love padlocks in Ponte Milvio

If wedding is for marriage, padlocks are for security. If tossing coins over Trevi Fountain ensures a come-back trip to Rome, screwing your very own love padlocks in Ponte Milvio would ensure a fortified relationship. Attaching love padlocks signifies the couples’ shatterproof bond. According to the norm, the key must be thrown over the Tiber River right after firmly buckling the padlock. After such, you can also try to take a walk along the river bank. For a superfluous scoop of romance, you can do the stroll during the twilight and enjoy the heartwarming drama of nature as the city lights echoed in the soothingly moving stream.

A romantic cruise in Tiber River at night

If you wish to spend an intimate time with your beloved partner, you can never go wrong with sweet music, fresh evening air, candle light and a romantic dinner. Joining the Tiber River boat cruise at night has become one of the most popular things in Rome that couples love doing. Aside from enjoying a romantic setting, you can also enjoy the relaxing sailing tour while keeping an eye to the magnificent gems of the eternal city. For instance, you can witness the evening splendor of Saint Peter’s Basilica and the grandeur of Janiculum Hill right from the boat. If you want to avail of the evening Tiber River boat cruise, you may catch the boat at Ponte Duca s’Aosta or at Isola Tiberina.


A walk through Appia Antica Park

Walk through the 2,300-year-old millennia-old paving stones of the Appia Antica Park during late afternoon to dusk. For an extra dose of romantic moment, you can walk side by side with your partner, holding each other’s hand while telling each other some sweet nothings.