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A must see destination in New Zealand – Milford Sound

A must see destination in New Zealand – Milford Sound

When you first lay your eyes on Milford Sound, the rocky cliffs jutting out of the dark waters and the forests clinging to the slopes will most likely take your breath away, you’ll rarely see a more photogenic panorama than this and you can get to experience it with the help of

We do have to mention however that the accessibility window to the region is limited to January and February. Sure you could try to get there during the rest of the year as well but considering the average annual rainfall of seven meters, you may not enjoy the experience unless you can breathe under water.

One way of reaching Milford Sound is by going on Milford Sound Cruises but you’ll need to book ahead of time, just as you might do with any other major travel plan. Also there are various cruises that you can take so you’ll want to look into what they have to offer before you make a decision.

You can also get there by car but for those of you who are into outdoorsy activities – especially hiking and walking – you can spend a few days on the mountain trails in Fiordland National Park and sleep in DOC huts. There are several walking tracks that will take you into the Milford Sound area.

Again, in case you’re looking not to get soaked during your trip there, you might want to schedule your trip for the beginning of the year.

But since we mentioned getting there by car, in case you’re visiting the region or country for more than just a few days, the freedom granted by driving down to Milford Sound is like nothing else, since you can get to see the region on the whole as well.



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