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Top Europe travel destinations for 2013 (part 3)

Top Europe travel destinations for 2013 (part 3)

Continuing our look into some top Europe travel destinations for 2013, today we’ll be venturing more into the Central and Southern part of Europe and see what unexpected destinations the old continent has to offer.

Cinque Terre – Italyeurope-travel-destinations

Cinque Terre refers to a string of five towns that cling somewhat precariously to the most rugged portion of Liguria’s coastline. The local farmers have been reclaiming these wild slopes by making neat terraces for the past two thousand years, unfortunately a massive flood in late 2011 managed to wipe out centuries of work to build and grow the terraced vineyards as well as parts of the famous paths which connect the towns. But the spirit of the locals could not be drowned and in the intervening time they have worked extremely hard to rebuild their terraces, dig out the paths and repair the damage done to their buildings.

The best way of experiencing this wonderful location is by foot, the places are as follows: Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. Each of the five villages has its own distinct personality. Don’t hurry and make sure to explore the hidden small beaches below and climb to the heights of the five scenic sanctuaries perched above the towns.

Moravia – Czech Republic

Prague and Bohemia in general are very popular tourist destinations, but if you’re looking for a bit of a quieter and still very authentic Czech experience, then you should try Moravia.

The region is known for its robust red wines as well as for local late-ripening whites. The wine tasting experience here is very special because you won’t find any Michelin-starred eateries or high-end boutiques, it’s much more of a harvest festival-type of vibe with family-run wineries and leisurely bike rides through the vineyards.

Write the name Olomouc on your itinerary, it is one of the most underrated Czech destinations, featuring a wonderful nightlife scene as well as one of the biggest beer festivals in the country in case you visit then. Then there’s also Brno and Telc to also consider, keep some car rental services in mind to see them.