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Top destinations for adventurous drinkers (part 2)

Top destinations for adventurous drinkers (part 2)

Since the weekend is almost upon us there are fewer better times to continue our look at the top destinations for adventurous drinkers, so let’s get a tipple around the world.

Elsa – New York Cit, USA

Located in the East Village, Elsa’s cocktails are something of an institution almost, being both lethal and legendary. The place offers a different approach from that of the high-end and stuffy hotel bars and offers you drinks with titles such as ‘Invitation to a Beheading’ – made from gin, jasmine, green tea syrup and orange bitters. In case you’re into something stronger and you’ve already eaten make sure to go for the ‘Death of a Ladies’ Man’, made of rye, maple, Laphroaig scotch and lemon mix.

Gekkeikan Okura Sake Museum – Kyoto, Japan

Sake has been brewed in this district of Kyoto since 1637 and you should make sure to check out the excellent in-house museum before you start on a bottle of the sake. The museum is a fascinating visit thanks to the tools that have been used throughout the centuries to make this rice alcohool. You can also hear traditional songs sung by sake workers way back when and rest assured that there is also a tasting experience.

Polish Food and Vodka tour – Krakow, Poland

This is a small trip organized by a local guide company which serves up the hefty Polish dishes alongside five different shots of Polish spirits. Besides the traditional vodka you can knock back Wyborowa rye vodka and sliwowica plum brandy, the latter being a bit stronger and more armoatic than any simple vodka.

Vineyward Safari – Victoria and South Australia, Australia

This one is for true wine aficionados, a ‘safari’ run by a master of wine takes you on bespoke day trips across the regions of both Victoria and South Australia. You get to visit a bunch of winderies of some renown and also have tastings at each of them.



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