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Top 10 cities to visit in 2013 part 2

Top 10 cities to visit in 2013 part 2

Today we’re continuing our look at our top 10 cities to visit in 2013, let’s see what other interesting things and places are there for us to find.


In 2013 this will be the UK City of Culture, which means that this historic, walled city has been undergoing something of a renaissance in the past couple of years. this will mean a whole year filled with a wealth of cultural event, including the 10day All Ireland Fleadh – which is the world’s biggest Irish festival where the always-controversial Turner Prize is an important feature. Hundreds of events will be making for a buzz-filled atmosphere in the city throughout the year, from pageants to music to contemporary dance. This will also make the festivals that the city already hosts, such as the Jazz Festival and the Earhart Festival that much massive.


Having jumped tremendously in the global popular culture during the 2008 Olympics, Beijing has been and still is the cultural and artistic centre of China. However, besides bringing the city into the global conscious, the other effects of the Olympics are still present, such as English street signs and a plethora of new architectural gems which pepper the sprawling city. Beijing is trying to balance a multitude of populations and subcultures, with a high-speed rail now connecting it to Shanghai, getting from one city to another should only take about five hours now. There is a very palpable sense of change and development going through the air – as well as a lot of smog – but it is not yet known what to expect.


For those who thought that Beijing is a bit of a far-away destination then they haven’t yet considered going to New Zealand. Christchurch is the country’s ‘Garden City’ which is rising from the rubble and devastation created by the earthquakes of 2010 and 2011. The Christchurch leaders and people have found themselves in the position to rethink the form of their city and they have chosen to bounce back with new energy and inventiveness. This is a great destination for foodies and individuals who love live-music venues and art exhibitions.


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