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This is the secret life of Italian secret attractions – Part 1

This is the secret life of Italian secret attractions – Part 1

This is the secret life of Italian secret attractions: quite a few secrets we’ve got going on there, but here are a few of the greatest and less known places to explore in the amazing country that can boast a lot about being at the heart of the European civilization origins.

Italy is full of history and full of life, an undying energy emanating from every stone you step on. You can explore so many new experiences and do so many things, but the top attractions, the most hyped, are always crowded and sometimes you get the feel that you can’t really enjoy them to the full, have fun being there properly, because there is always a crowd surrounding you.

And this is all great: Italy can be that and it is good to savor it in this way. But there are also less known places that are amazing in their own way and that will prove to be a much more enriching and absolutely unique.

So if you land in Rome, you can go to the airport car rental area and pick up your Rome car rental and then get comfortable with driving a bit around the country in search of its greatest hidden gems:

If you’ve already visited Venice and basked in its romantic and unique flair, you should also take the time to stop by Treviso in Veneto. It is a smaller version of the city of love before named and it has a few obvious perks: it is much less crowded, so you will easily avoid crowds and the center town is much more compact. You will have the complete experience of medieval atmosphere dotted with churches and old buildings and then descend into the labyrinth of cobblestone streets with piazzas and red brick mansions and palaces.