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This is the secret life of Italian secret attractions – Part 2

This is the secret life of Italian secret attractions – Part 2

Did you forget about the promise we made? This is the secret life of Italian secret attractions and we promise to continue our odyssey into the heart of the hidden Italian gems.

There are too many “underrated” attractions to mention and that is basically because the whole country is like a huge open air museum. But the truth is that you can also relish in the peaceful visit of some amazing spots before they get invaded by waves of tourists.

So where are we going next?

Well, first suggested stop for the day: Castelluccio, Umbria. At the heart of the Appennine Mountains lies the highest village above sea level. This is a lovely spot for the romantic, full of colorful pastures and providing the most splendid views over the nature.

A bizarre and beautiful hidden attraction in Italy is the Valle dei Mulini (known as the Valley of Mills). The place where this beautifully desolate place lies is truly dramatic. It’s inside a deep crack in a huge rock. A great eruption which broke devastating the Mediterranean shore some 35.000 years ago gave birth to this amazing spot. The four mills that gave the place its name and its romantic air were built here in the 13th century. They have since been long left desolate, but their stone bodies now covered in moss still stand to remember us of the passing of time and about life.

One of the quietly tragic moments of ancient Roman history does not cover many pages in history books. But this is a magical place to visit: the sunken city of Baia. This amazing submerged aquatic museum speaks of a past when this city was a luxurious and opulent center. Sacked by the Saracens in the 8th century, it was completely abandoned by the 16th century and after volcanic activity, it became submerged in the waters of the bay.

The medieval city of Cefalu in Sicily is one of the most beautiful island in the Mediterranean. If you rent a car in Napoli, you can drive through the entire southern Italy as well. But do stop on the island as well!