Things to do on a Florida trip

Things to do on a Florida trip

Visiting the state of Florida will definitely make for a great, if a bit warm and sweaty, holiday, but you might want to know what it is that you can see or do while in the state, the highlights as it were. As such, here is a very short list of a few things to do on a Florida trip.

Walt Disney World

We’re starting with this one because there’s no way around it, Florida is the home of Walt Disney World and there is no place on the planet catering better to children’s imaginations – well except maybe the other Disneylands.

The crazy thing is that even though it is aimed at children, since Disney has been affecting so many generations you’ll find all age groups, some of them not accompanied by children, visiting the place.

There will be lines, and there will be some waiting for sure but nothing can compare with the crazy atmosphere of the Magic Kingdom and seeing all the activities and people in costumes and the sheer happiness on every child’s face.

Walt Disney World is the must-see place for any Disney fan.

Kennedy Space Center

Now onto slightly more serious affairs, the Kennedy Space Center is similar to Walt Disney World but instead of it being meant for the imagination of children, it is instead meant for the imaginations of grown men, grown men who dreamt of going to space and landing on the moon.

Even though only a small portion of the Spapce Center is open to the public, the Visitor Complex – while small – has a lot of tourist attractions and is also the starting point for guided bus tours.

This is where you’ll see exhibits showcasing the history and future of US space travel and research, including the Rocket Garden – where you’ll find replicas of classic rockets, Space Shuttle Explorer where a shittle replica gives a firsthand feel for the cramped space that astronauts have to endure.

There are many more things to do on a Florida trip, we just wanted to lightly touch upon two of the major destinations possible.