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The ultimate Safari trip to Africa

The ultimate Safari trip to Africa

Caught up in a vision of a starving, desperate Africa, overwhelmed by poverty and disease, we sometimes tend to forget that this continent just might be the most spectacular and marvelous in the world and at least once in a lifetime, we should treat ourselves to the ultimate Safari trip to Africa.

The costs of a Safari trip might exceed those of a “regular” tour of someplace conventional, but the wealth of activities and experiences you can sample is also superior from all points of view. So what is a safari? It is a special type of trip, one that takes you on tour of deep bright emerald rainforests populated by mysterious creatures, hot air balloon tours, whale watching and diving trips or spectacular photographic safaris for those who want to immortalize the unique sights of Africa.

We’ve also come up with a list of the best African Safaris you can opt for. Shall we take a look?

The Serengeti, stretching from northern Tanzania to western Kenya, is home to an outstanding population of African mammals, hosts the most significant migration in the world and is counted among the world’s 10 natural travel wonders. Here, you can admire lions, buffalos, zebras and gazelles as well as over 500 species of birds in their natural habitat. A Safari here is definitely an unforgettable experience.

In Botswana, you can have a romantic Safari and benefit from outstanding lodgings. Also in Botswana as well as in Namibia you can enjoy a trip around the desert dunes or guided bike rides and hiking tours.

A couple of weeks spent in Africa’s favorite town, Cape Town, will also give you the opportunity to visit the amazing Seychelles Islands, apart from the outstanding Safari experience.
So if you are the adventurous type and if you bear in mind that Africa is so much more than it seems at first sight, you will never regret opting for an African Safari.