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The Hidden Italy: Top Virtually Unknown Attractions – Part 1

The Hidden Italy: Top Virtually Unknown Attractions – Part 1

My favorite country in this whole wide world is one where history, aesthetics and a timeless concept of tourist making combine. And since I believe there is so much more than meets the eye here, I’m thinking I want to share with you The Hidden Italy: Top Virtually Unknown Attractions in this realm that I for one consider to be the most beautiful in the world.

If Pompei, located in Southern Italy, is an amazing place to visit, to see the beautiful and tragic ruins of one of the richest cities in the Ancient World ruined by the angry waves of all-consuming lava, the sunken city of Baia is a similar attraction, no less beautiful, but much less popularized.

Also located in a volcanic region (which, as you may know, makes the vegetation luxuriant and the landscapes dramatic), Baia used to be one of the most rich and wonderful Roman cities of the ancient world. It has been sometimes assimilated with the famous Sodom, although we are not sure the morality of the rich people inhabiting Baia was quite so… low. Anyway, the city of Baia was sacked by the Saracens in the 8th century, which began its steady decline. By the 16th century, the town was completely abandoned and then the sea levels started to rise and the city became submerged in the waves.

Today, Baia is one of the few underwater archaeological parks. And if you want, you can visit it! You can stay in Naples during your trip – Baia is located close by. Despite the image Hollywood and recent urban stories might have made you form, Naples is a beautiful city, with a magnificent cultural heritage and warm, welcoming people. You can also rent a car in Roma airport, for instance, if you want to roam around the whole country.



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