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The best way to travel around Lisbon

The best way to travel around Lisbon

Visiting the capital city of Portugal is perhaps one of the most personal travel experiences, so it might be important to figure out the best way to travel around Lisbon.

There are dozens of wonderful things to do and places to see in Lisbon and its surrounding areas. Among others, you can walk around the old town center, through the neighbourhoods of Bairro Alto, Alfama or Chiado. You can, on the other hand, promenade around the modern constructions or visit the Parco Nacoes, the Oceanarium or the museums. Outside town, you can visit the fairytale Castle in Sintra or the wonderfully Portuguese town of Cascais.

This is all very beautiful, I hear you say, but how does that answer the question of how to travel around Lisbon? The answer is simple: especially if you are visiting the capital city of Portugal for the first time, it is best to put yourself into the capable hands of experts. To give an example, there is a company called Lisbon Airport Transfer which does just that: provide the best transport services available at incredibly low rates.

Transfers are much like taxis, only much more advantageous: the price is fixed and confirmed upfront, the car fleet is made up of premium vehicles, the drivers are very professional and can serve as guides as well, while the variety is transport services rendered is very large, from Lisbon airport transfers to Lisbon tours and on-demand transportation services.

Another perk of booking with Lisbon Airport Transfer, aside from having transportation confirmed in advance in and around Lisbon and the airport, is the fact that you can enjoy all the comfort of air con and wifi inside the car.

What can we conclude, therefore? Number one: put Lisbon on your list – it’s totally worth it! Number two: book your transport in advance with the experts!



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