The Best Restaurants in Myanmar

The Best Restaurants in Myanmar

Eating is a hobby that all travelers share. We simply all love food! When we arrive at a certain destination, one of the activities we look forward to is getting to taste the delicacies of a foreign place. If you are thinking of travelling to Myanmar, here are the restaurants you can visit that would leave a lot of delight in your mouth!

Restaurant 1: Monsoon

This eating establishment is located in Yangoon and is the best house to visit for top of the line SouthEast Asian Cuisine. Remember that Myanmar food is a mix of inspiration from neighboring countries such as Vietnam and Thailand. So you are guaranteed a mouth watering menu. The aura in the place is great and the customer service is superb. The best time to visit this place is during lunch time.

Restaurant 2: L’Opera Italian Restaurant and Bar

Imagine an old era colonial building beside a romantic lake. Of course, served with great Italian food! If you are in Myanmar with a special someone then this is definitely one of the places you should go eat dinner at. When was the last time you were able to munch on pizza that was made on an authentic wood fired oven? It does have a distinct and delicious taste to it.

Restaurant 3: Green Elephant Restaurant

This popular resto at Kamayut, Yangon is known for their mix of delicacies such as European, Chinese and anything in between. The service here is really top of the line and high class. If you are a big group, you can comfortably dine in here because it is very spacious.

Restaurant # 4: Ryukyu

This is a Chinese-Japanese restaurant located at Bahan, Yangon and is the home to 40 different kinds of sushi. What sets this place apart from other restaurants is the fact that there is a feature in their menu called the sushi customer’s choice where the customer will decide the contents of the sushi. Act like a chef for a meal!

Restaurant # 5: La Planteur Restaurant

This restaurant is located at Kaba Aye Bahan, Yangon. This place serves international specialties and customers always come back for more. It was established 1997 and is still in operation up until today. There have been a lot of improvements done already. The tables are candle-lit and situated in a mosquito free garden. The relaxing music and aura will definitely remove your stress.