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The best French dishes you need to taste in Paris

The best French dishes you need to taste in Paris

They call Paris the city of lovers, but France is undoubtedly the country of… food. Tasteful and tasty, the food that is produced here is more often than not the result of intense, meticulous study and art. So today we would like to “take you out for an online dinner”, so to speak, as we explore The best French dishes you need to taste in Paris.

Around the year 1300, Guillaume Tirel, the court chef, wrote what seems to be the oldest cooking book in medieval France; back then, French cuisine was based on the Italian tradition of cooking, but it began to take a life of its own around the 17th century. As of 2010, French gastronomy has been part of the intangible UNESCO World Heritage.

Today, we assimilate French cooking with haute cuisine. So what exactly makes it so special? Well, the dishes in short. Here are a few of the national recipies that are worth mentioning and that you must have heard of:

Soupe a l’oignon (the fancy version of the onion soup) is basically made of boiled onions and a topping of cheese. It might sound bizarre, but it is considered one of the finest soups in the world.

Foie gras (the liver of duck or goose) is a household name. It is a delicacy and the foie (the liver) of the animal is fattened by force-feeding.

Terrines are the best “aperitifs”: forcemeat loaves with random ingredients, usually served cold.

Magret de Canard is the famous duck breast cooked with the utmost care, in blood. Magret is French for duck breast. The secret here is in the cook of the meat. You want the meat to be bloody for it to be good.

As for an excellent wine to go with all that food, we suggest a white Bordeaux wine.

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