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The alphabet of travels: Best places to see in 2017 – Part 4

The alphabet of travels: Best places to see in 2017 – Part 4

Dearest friends, we have advanced quite a bit in our adventure, so here is The alphabet of travels: Best places to see in 2017 – Part 4, where we will try to unravel even more wonderful destinations for you all to explore this year. Of course, it will most probably take much more than a year to see the entire “alphabet”, but there’s no rush… we just want to give you a few ideas, as well as a glimpse into the beauty of our world.

So, here is a wonderful city you should explore in a wonderful country that has yet many stories to share with the world: Portugal’s own Estoril. It is a small parish in the municipality of Cascais, in central Portugal. Its proximity to Lisbon, the capital city of the country, and the outstanding beaches, hotels and spas that surround the area have made Estoril a most coveted tourist destination for over a century. Actually, the history of the place dates back to ancient times, as the region was inhabited by the Romans and the Phoenicians.

Estoril the the epitome of a rich, exclusive Portuguese resort. Art has been upheld here for many years and if you come to town, you are encouraged to take a Lisbon airport transfer to Estoril to visit the Verdades-Faria Museum of art on top of Mountain Estoril.

And if we are talking about Portugal today, its seaside is well worth mentioning as well. The center of the Algarve, the southern region of Portugal, home to the majority of its beaches and seaside resorts, is Faro city. A busy port, a wonderful destination by the sea, but also a place of important economic and cultural relevance, the city is one of the most notable Portuguese gems. To appreciate the entire region, you can rent a car in Faro Airport and drive wherever you like.

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