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The alphabet of travels: Best places to see in 2017 – Part 3

The alphabet of travels: Best places to see in 2017 – Part 3

We continue our wonderful excursion through the alphabet of travels: Best places to see in 2017 has come to its third part and inherently to the third and fourth letters of the alphabet:

We’ve traveled a lot through Europe and America, but how about an Oriental view? Let’s visit China in 2017 if we can! Canton is one of the most beautiful and prominent centers in China. In fact, Guangzhou (or Canton, as it was widely known as in the past), is the third most powerful cities in the country. But it is a wonderful tourist attraction as well, offering the Western traveler a glimpse into the minute and fascinating realm of China.

If you want to see cultural and architectural diversity and visit a warm oriental place where the European element has left profound marks, changing it forever in wonderful ways, Casablanca is the perfect choice. Remember the homonyms film? If the film is a classic, the city is also a timeless wonder. Outdoors markets where you can purchase any product, colorful carpets being painted in the scent of oils, a burning sun that shines in a revealing way over two cultures coexisting, this is Casablanca.

Casablanca is the biggest city in Morocco and one of the greatest African ports and economic centers. To get around the city efficiently, car rental Casablanca just might provide the perfect answer and the best service.

And if you’ve delved into the fascinating Oriental world with the first stop, Casablanca, we recommend another Arabian wonder: Doha. The capital city of Qatar, Doha is a city ever expanding, where the secret life of the Orient coexists with the ultra-modern architecture and economy.

Spectacular skyscrapers dominate this city in the Persian Gulf and there are countless attractions to explore there, such as the National Museum of Qatar and the Museum of Islamic Art.