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The adventure of luxury racing yacht

The adventure of luxury racing yacht

Racing is always a real adventure, but what about yacht racing? You can feel the thrill of racing when you sail aboard Medusa, a SantaCruz 52′ luxury racing yacht.

The yacht had podium finishes in its last 3 ocean races, including the TransPac to Hawaii.

Now you can learn to ocean Race in the beautiful San Juan Islands between Seattle and Vancouver BC Canada.

You can enjoy charters, race camps and sailing instruction or just sail from Island to island on a boat that would compare to a Porsche vs a rental car.

This is ideal for fit athletic adventurists that enjoy performance as well as luxury. Just step out and enjoy the adventure of competing with a fantastic speed with other yachts over the wide ocean!

When hoisting the 2000 sq ft spinnaker and surf down a Pacific Ocean wave standing on the beautiful teak deck you will understand that fast is fun and will understand what we mean when we say.. aboard Medusa .. Look away, and live a little!

Still not convinced? Just check out our Face book page “Medusa Racing” to see what adventure is about!