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Take a motorhome holiday and change your view every day

Take a motorhome holiday and change your view every day

Driving into a sunset on a warm summer evening is a beautiful image. In reality it’s not quite like that, most motorhome journeys begin in the morning. But of course the fantastic thing about a motorhome hire holiday is having the ability to do just that. Never again will you have to stress about finding places to stay and reserving hotels. How much freedom do you need? You can have as much as you want. It’s your own personal transport and accommodation. Motorhomefreedom is a great web page you can consult with, that can tell you almost everything you need to understand regarding motorhome rental.

Ownership of a motorhome is completely out of reach for most people. They are just too expensive and are too big to be used everyday like you would a car. Motorhome holidays can be had quite cheaply though, if you decide to hire a motorhome. Insurance, tax depreciation, finance – forget it! It’s somebody else’s problem and definitely not yours.

Quite a few motorhome owners, make money from their vehicles by allowing motorhome hire firms to rent them out for them. There a some plus points and some negative points to this The advantage is that there is minimal expense in building a massive fleet. The main disadvantage is that it is hard to keep a decent quality control on the hire vehicles as the owners may not necessarily repair everything that goes wrong with the motorhome.

Have you been tempted by small ads in you local paper offering cheap motorhome hire. Often they have been put up by respectable motorhome hire companies. Go ahead if you think everything looks good, go ahead, they are just after the extra business. If it appears to be an individual offering privately owned motorhome hire, please check carefully that their arrangements are properly in order. Check their insurance as thoroughly as you can! God help you if you are in an accident or get pulled by the police.

The winter is a fun time to use motorhomes as well as the summer. An increasing number of people like to use a motorhome as their base on a winter sports holiday. It’s a really cool thing to have the ability to chase the latest snowfall in whatever resort takes your fancy. Most people never take advantage of this, but if you are in a motorhome you certainly can..

Using the gas or diesel heaters a motorhome can be any temperature that you want it to be, within reason. Just set the temperature you want and forget about it. People who hire motorhomes in the winter, never complain about being cold

If you are holidaying in the summer months there should not be a problem with not being warm enough. Obviously if you are planning to go to the top end of Norway or it rains like it did in the UK in 2012, you might like to have the heating on. This when you will be glad to be in motorhome rather than a tent. Just a flick of a switch and you have instant warmth even when the motor is stopped. Gas systems in motorhomes are very safe indeed. For example the gas supply will be cut if the flame blows out by accident. We are starting to see diesel, rather than gas heating systems in today’s motorhomes. These sort of heating systems are now standard in the Chausson Flash range of motorhomes. They are not smelly, cost effective and share the fuel with the engine.

The bottom line is that hiring a motorhome is just brilliant fun. Whether you are thinking about a baking hot slog across to Greece, or a trip to look around Norway’s fiords or a skiing holiday in The French Alps. Do watch out though, not all hire companies are the same. Go for one that has the biggest network of motorhomes in the UK and has been in business for over ten years. You will be OK if you do this! Check you know what to do in the event of there being a fault with the motorhome or you suffer a breakdown.



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