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Sports, travel and Kickstarter

Sports, travel and Kickstarter

For many of us going on a holiday is that one time of the year where we get to take a break from our jobs and busy lives and simply enjoy ourselves in a new location, preferably a warm and sunny one but that’s up to every traveler’s choice.

Even though you’ll be headed to a new place and you’ll most likely have a pretty busy schedule of visiting sights and attractions, you’ll still have some down time left now and again, and during this down time you may want to engage in your favorite sport, but that can be difficult to do when you’re in a different part of your country and don’t know anyone there or even worse, you’re in a completely different country and really don’t know anyone there.

While it may be true that you might be headed to a destination where you may have access to various sports facilities you may still be lacking other teammates or an opposing team and that’s where the Geosports app can come into play heavily.

Hatched by a Montreal-based startup, Geosports aims to connect individuals interested in engaging in their favorite sport with others in their vicinity. Sounds great right? It does sound great but the app isn’t yet available on the App Store or Google Play yet, it is however up on Kickstarter where its developers are looking for funding in order to complete it.

You can easily imagine the versatility of using such an app when traveling – even when not traveling – because it would allow one to engage in his or her favorite sport wherever they might go and where there are other users of this app.

Just think of a lazy and sunny morning, possibly on the third day of your stay in a relaxing beach destination. You’ve already been to the beach at least twice in the meanwhile, visited some sights and checked out the local cuisine. This morning you feel in the mood to kick a football around a bit, shoot some hoops or rock a puck, this is the exact kind of situation that would be greatly improved by Geosports.

In case you’re interested in this idea make sure to check out the Geosports Kickstarter page and lend them a hand if you can.

Also you have a great video on YouTube with a lot more details, so enjoy it.