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Spending Christmas someplace warm

Spending Christmas someplace warm

The ever present spirit of Christmas, while keeping away from the cold and damp of winter with temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius. Spending Christmas someplace warm may not turn out to be such a bad idea after all.

I mean, of course, the lack of snow precludes the festive, regal atmosphere of a white fairytale Christmas. But after all, what is wrong with sand? If you replace snow with warm sand and the snowman with a strapping sandman, the cup of warm wine with a glass of cocktail, then you are in for great surprises. Europe (and not only) has a bunch of warm escape places where you can spend Christmas and New Year’s Eve someplace different from the norm.

Portugal is the first option that comes to mind, with the warm beaches of the Algarve. Faro, the capital city of the region, is an excellent place to be, with plenty of malls and shops to choose from. Other cities, such as Portimao or Lagos, also located by the warm shores of the Atlantic Ocean, can also provide a wonderful landscape. And when it comes to Christmas lights, Olhao is the place.

In Cyprus, temperatures in December reach up to 20 degrees Celsius. By the shores of the Mediterranean, you can enjoy a exotic Christmas in Larnaca or Paphos. The winter season is a very warm and happy time in Cyprus. On Christmas Eve, people in towns gather in the neighbourhood and carol wearing funny red hats. Ayios Vasilis (the local name for Santa Claus) comes to visit on Christmas and leaves the families gifts, wine and pie and lots of good cheer.

To travel around Cyprus and Portugal, you may find airport transfers a useful transport tool. So put them on your list when you plan spending Christmas someplace warm.