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Christmas in Andorra la Vella

Christmas in Andorra la Vella

With us being well into the month of presents, we promised we would give you the best ideas of places to visit during the winter season. Today’s topic is Christmas in Andorra la Vella. Let’s see what Andorra is all about and what the winter season here entails.

Bordered by Spain and France (and equally influenced by both of them), this mini state only occupies 468 sq km and has 85.000 inhabitants. Formed in 1278, the sixth smallest sovereign state on the European continent, Andorra is an intercultural haven, where the Spanish, French and Portuguese influences are visible. This Principality thrives today mainly due to its tourism.

Perched high in the Pyrenees, the climate here favors heavy snows in winter (though the place is ever bathed in sunshine – around 300 days of sunshine per year).

Andorra la Vella, the capital of the microstate, features spectacular 13th century architecture. When in Andorra, don’t miss the Barri Antic (the old quarters) and Casa de la Vall, the 16th century Parliament house, also regarded as the most notable building in the Capital City. Today, Andorra la Vella nicely combines the old and the modern: there are 21st century buildings, banks and many shops to stop by as well.

Also worth noting is the fact that Andorra is a tax haven, so it’s the place to invest (or spend) money. Shopping during the white winter season is an excellent option! Preponderantly, Catholic Christians, the people in Andorra are Christmas enthusiasts, so if you are too, you are invited to join in the celebration.

Moreover, if traditions are your thing, you can stop by the Placa Guillemo and on Christmas Night, you can attend mass at the Church of Sant Esteve. To navigate this beautiful mini state and its spectacular mountainous surroundings, we recommend renting a car in Andorra and enjoying mobility while making unforgettable memories!