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Spanish vocabulary lessons for beginners

Spanish vocabulary lessons for beginners

Are you ever in a foreign country and wished you paid more attention in your language classes?
Well I was in Costa Rica and my spanish wasn’t so hot. All I wanted was a language learning system to increase my vocabulary. But nothing existed, systems were either too big like Rosetta Stone or two simple. While I was in Costa Rica I figured on what I wanted and came up with the Game/App

By making its users learn the most commonly used words in conversation first, this ingenious site is designed around getting its users conversationally fluent in under three months.

Sixty Vocab is a supplement and not a language course. It builds upon your existing language skills, instead of making you start from the beginning. Unlike Rosetta Stone, you won’t be overwhelmed by price, complexity, or time commitment. It’s perfect if you’re leaving on an overseas vacation or study abroad program, since you can pick up a bunch of vocab words in your spare time.

What’s Next from
Currently, works on the desktop and tablet. They have an IndieGoGo campaign to get their system mobile ready.



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