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Salsa Classes in Medellin, Colombia

Salsa Classes in Medellin, Colombia

The ambassador of salsa dance around the globe is, of course, Colombia, the beautiful Latin country situated on the northeastern coast of the South America, bordering Panama, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru and the largest South American country, Brazil. Salsa is one of the most sensual as well as engaging Latin dance genres and it is so complex that it is split into four different styles, namely the Colombian Salsa, the Cuban “casino” Salsa, Los Angeles Salsa and New York Salsa. Hence, if you want to dance salsa as native do, there’s nothing better than taking Colombian salsa classes right where this sexy dance was invented: in Colombia.

Besides the exotic dances, beautiful women and amazing ethnic mix, Colombia has very many attractions to offer for tourist around the globe. The second largest cities of Colombia after its capital city of Bogota is Medellin, locates at around 270 miles northeast from the capital city. With over 2.5 million inhabitants, Medellin is one of Colombia’s biggest attractions.

Starting with the breathtaking Arví Park, which has an area of about 20,000 hectares of natural landscapes and virgin spots to practice all sorts of outdoor sports, the city of Medellin houses a great number of amazing catholic churches and cathedrals and even the world’s largest cathedral made of baked brick, the Metropolitan Cathedral of Medellín. Ethnically speaking, Medellin is a melting pot of cultures and ethnicities that have contributed to its great number of cultural festivals and events around the year.

However, the first thing to do when arriving to Medellin is to take some serious salsa classes in the first place. But where to find the most professional salsa teachers who can really teach you the right moves and help you perfect them? Mayra Cutiva and Yul Amado, two professional dancers of Cali Colombia (the epicenter of Colombian salsa dance) are the best option to start learning your first salsa moves.

Why? Mayra and Yul both love salsa, are passionate about this sexy dance and want to share their excitement with you at Santo Baile dance academy. Salsa is no only about working out, sweating and learning two steps, salsa is a fantastic experience in its own that teaches you self-confidence because of mastering your body and what your body can do. At Santo Baile you will learn to know your body, appreciate it and use it to perform the ample salsa moves and master this delicious dance.

There is no better way to discover Colombia and the city of Medellin in particular than by learning how to dance salsa. Especially if you are looking for a fine Colombian lady in Medellin, known to have the most beautiful Colombian women.

Salsa is a sexy, sensual and amazing dance style involving a lot of hip movement, eye contact and excitement. If you want to taste the authentic salsa experience then you need to take some professional salsa classes at Santo Baile dance academy in Medellin, Colombia.