The Travel Trends of 2013

The Travel Trends of 2013

What’s been happening in the world of travel in 2013? The travel world changes as quickly as a speeding jet and sometimes it is amazing to see the trends that are developing.

Here are a few of the trends that you might want to keep in mind when you are booking your cheap tickets and planning your travel adventures for the rest of this year:

Popular Travel Trends of 2013

Here are a few of the trends that you can look forward to in the future of travel this year.

Onboard WiFi

Wifi is changing from a luxury to an essential service and is increasingly being offered in every hotel, coffee shop and even on public streets. These days many airlines now offer Wifi and this is thought to be a trend that is on the rise.

Alternative Lodging

The popularity of other innovative lodging solutions such as, house swapping, house sitting and even couch surfing is offering travellers a lot of great options to traditional hotels.

Kids Free Policies

Over the past year a number of airlines, hotels and travel companies came under fire for offering child-free travel experiences. It is thought that the trend for adult-only travel will continue.

Movies Inspire Popular Destinations

We’ve seen a trend over the past few years that will continue – the ability of a popular film to make a travel destination popular. It happened with New Zealand after The Lord of the Rings, with London after Harry Potter and with Turkey and Scotland after the James Bond film Skyfall.

Around the World Travel Packages

Many travel companies are offering around the world tickets and airfare deals with global itineraries that will allow you to circumnavigate the globe in style and luxury.

Cooking-Focused Home Rental

Another popular trend in the world of travel is to rent a beautiful country home with a kitchen, stock up on fresh food at local markets and enjoy recreating the culinary pleasures of the region. Wouldn’t you love to learn the finer points of Italian cooking in a beautiful villa in Tuscany?

BRIC Travelers

BRIC Residents (Brazil, Russia, India and China) will come to Europe over the next few years as their countries are experiencing economic growth and prosperity. Wealthy travellers from these countries will spend a lot on hotels and shopping and will head toward chic destinations such as London, Paris and Milan.

Pop Up Hotels

A future trend in the world of travel will be for “pop up” accommodation that is quickly assembled and easily taken down. These temporary hotels can be created for festivals or special events and then can be disassembled when they are no longer needed.

These are just a few of the hottest travel trends to watch out for in 2013.

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