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Most Popular Indian Social Networking Websites

Most Popular Indian Social Networking Websites

India is among countries with largest base of social networking users in the world. According to eMarketer, India is expected to develop the largest number of Facebook users compared to any other country in the world by 2016. This growth trend in the social networking usage has led to launch of various centric social networking sites in India. Though there existence is meagre in front of the social giants, they are marking their way to reach out exclusively to the Indian audience for their growth.

There are many Indian social networking sites launched lately but the most popular sites on the basis of number of users and Alexa Ranks are bharatstudent, itimes, indyarocks, fropper, myindospace, agryd and bolshol.

Bharatstudentis asocial networking site developed for young Indians across the world.The prerequisite for joining is of being an Indian origin. The site is divided into four sections namely networking, study zone, café bharat and GenX zone. The networking enables a user to share content, photos, join interest groups, make new friends etc. The study zone provides complete information various educational institutions, programs offered by them and guidance to apply in then, both in India and abroad.The GenX zone is meant for gaming, live radio etc and café bharat consists of movie news, trailers, galleries, wallpapers etc. The site also has an section for checking on the Facebook updates.

Itimes was launched by the Times group as the first Indian interest network. The site is more of interest oriented where one can share their interest on wide range of topics publically. Itimes consists of two sections: interest and posts with topics ranging from showbiz, brands to politics and citizen journalism. The social connect in the site is through Facebook and Google Plus.

Indyarocks makes its space in the Indian social networking market by offering interactive multi-media content. The users can connect with friends, connects all chat options like GTalk, msn, AOL and yahoo friends through one place. It also offers games, photo and video uploading options and a platform for blogging to its users. is an Indian dating and social networking site. The site is unique because of its dating service apart from the other social networking services like connecting with people, uploading photos, videos, gaming etc.

Myindospace markets itself as the social networking site of, for and by Indians. The site also features a video chat along with blogging, sharing both audio and video and social connections. Agryd is among the popular social networking sites in india which not only has a 80% Indian user base but also 13% users from China and 3% users from USA. It offers features like chatting, sharing, uploading music and video, blogging, conferencing, polling etc. It also has an exceptional feature of sending free gifts to friends and folks. Bolshol is similar to Facebook in terms of feeds and timeline with the only difference that users can directly add friends without sending any request.



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