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The world’s thinnest loss prevention device for your holiday trip

The world’s thinnest loss prevention device for your holiday trip

In case you are going in a holiday trip for pleasure or for a business trip, you may want to keep your wallet safe and very easy to find it.

For most of us losing our precious wallet at a crowded place can cause a mild panic attack and a major hassle at best. New technological solutions recently available to the market, can minimize the chances of reaching full-on disaster.

One of these new tech wonders is called “find’em tracking” – it`s an Iphone app which sends out alerts to your mobile when your valuable items are out of some predefined range to help you to track the item. All you need to do is just place a credit card shaped Bluetooth tracking device in your valuable item and the app does all the tracking for you.

The find’em tracking application was developed by a team of mechanical and electronic engineers alongside with hardware and software developers. This team has a vast experience with various commercial and global brand projects which helped them to develop the world’s thinnest loss prevention device using the Bluetooth technology. The device is just 2mm thick which makes it very easy to slide it into any wallets, bags, purse, luggage and laptops. This makes it easier for you to just slide the device into your valuable item and the app takes care of the device from then on.

This tracking device has a distance range of about 150 feet and the app gives you the flexibility to set the tracking distance between 5 feet and 150 feet. This enables the app to send the alerts to your mobile when the valuable item (with your tracking card) goes out of this predefined range. In addition to that, it gives you the information about the location of your belongings using the radar technology and google maps. You can also use it the other way. If you have the tracking card with you and your mobile is misplaced, then you can use the button in the card which makes the phone to ring.

This app is compatible with almost all the latest iOS and android systems and it synchronises your phone to the find’em tracking card. The app comes in English, Spanish, Russian and French languages and it is planned to deliver the tracking card by February 2014. You also get a limited time offer of just $24.99 for 2 tracking cards which come in jet black and snow white colours, and you can order it on the website

Another advantage is that, you don’t need to charge the tracking card at all. It lasts for 18 months on a battery after which it needs to be replaced with a new CR2016 battery which does not cost you much.

I am sure this app is going to be useful for every single person. It definitely saves your money and helps you to keep your belongings safe and your peace of mind, especially in case you are going to travel.



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