Planning to Rent a Car in Bogota? Here are the Driving Tips to Know!

Planning to Rent a Car in Bogota? Here are the Driving Tips to Know!

Are you thinking of going on a holiday in and around Bogota and to explore the different places in Colombia? That can be the best thing you can do this year because this part of the globe has everything that will impress and amaze people in equal measure. There are many attractions which you should be ready to see in the country but to make your vacation in Bogota memorable, you will need to have a car which will bring you to every corner of this beautiful city and beyond. Since you won’t travel with your own vehicle, the trick is to rent a car in Bogota. Booking a car for hire is one of the simplest tasks anyone can accomplish in Bogota, but before that, it is important to know the basic driving and road rules that may be quite different to what you’re used to in your home town or country.

    1. Tips on How to Rent a Car in Bogota

The first step to rent a car in Bogota that will take you to various destinations in Colombia is to start with the booking agent. You can find these companies online or locally from the airport or the Bogota city. Booking in the city is the best because you will have freedom of choice. By having a driving license which has been valid for the last 120 days and over the age of 18, you are assured of a car. You will also need a passport and international driving permit, among others.

    1. Right Hand Drive or Left Hand Drive?

Vehicles in Bogota are always driven on the right hand side of the road. After you rent a car in Bogota you should take a few minutes to get a quick insight of the vehicle especially when you’re not used to this driving position. You should be able to identify the headlight button, indicator buttons and other controls that are often used when the vehicle is in motion.

    1. Traffic Conditions

Driving in Bogota and across Colombia can be fun when the locals are at work but not when they are rushing to work or heading home. As a foreigner, it will be ideal if you move along the city during off-peak times to avoid snarl-ups. When you are out of the town you should mind the road since there are those parts which have not been paved well. There are also speed limits which you should observe. The good news about Bogota roads is that cops are around, and thus, your safety is guaranteed. Make sure to have a map to help you find your way. The simplest way to do this is to use the Google maps. Having a local companion as a driver or a tour guide is also a good option.

    1. Driving Attitude of Bogota Locals

There is no doubt about the fact that there are both good and bad drivers wherever you are in the world. When you rent a car in Bogota and find yourself in a traffic jam, you should keenly observe the red, amber and green lights. When you are slow to response, drivers on your back will angrily hoot at you.

    1. Driving Fees

When you park in the city of Bogota, you may have to pay a parking fee. This is usually affordable though. Other fees that you should be prepared for are those at the toll booths which you should go through when driving on highways. You can find more useful details regarding car rental on

Driving in Bogota and other parts of the country becomes less of a hassle when you are ready to adapt with the locals’ driving style that may be much different than you’re used to. Take your time when you want to rent a car in Bogota so that you can find the vehicle that is always compatible with your driving, and everything else will be awesome.