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A wonderful Ibiza holiday

A wonderful Ibiza holiday

Oh, we’re going to Ibiza… Do you remember when this song was popular? While its rhythm has turned it into a classic, the lyrics will always be popular, so long as Ibiza remains one of the most sought after exotic resorts in the world. You can plan a perfect trip to the island, all it takes is a good Ibiza holiday guide.

The Spanish island of Ibiza is so popular because of its beautiful sandy beaches, its mild weather and picturesque landscape. The history of the place goes back to the 7th century BC, a mixture of the Phoenician, Greek, Roman, Byzantine and more recently Spanish cultures. There is definitely much to explore and during the low season, you can really get a glimpse of what real life on the island is. But let’s not kid ourselves: above all, Ibiza is notorious for its lively nightlife, hosting some of the best bars, lounges and nightclubs.

While on the island of Ibiza, you’ll want to stay outdoors because there are simply so many events to attend, clubs to dance the night away, bars and taverns to chill in or shops to go “souvenir hunting” in. A good Ibiza holiday guide app will show you just that.

Without ignoring the beauty of spontaneity, we must admit that planning is more often than not the key to a successful trip. It’s best to research online and discover all that the island has to offer in terms of accommodation (best hotels, resorts, motels, etc.), events to attend (clubbing, concerts, cultural events) and ever new places to explore on the island (a GPS can prove more than useful when you want to, well, not get lost in a new place).

There are just so many fascinating aspects to explore on this fun island. So are we going to Ibiza?