Ocolus – A great tool for Travel Experiences

Ocolus – A great tool for Travel Experiences

Travelling can be an exciting and fun-filled experience. However, you can only experience this if you invest great deal of time and effort in planning before heading to your destination. The lack of knowledge about the places you opt to visit is one of the common problems faced by travelers that stop them from enjoying their trip to the fullest. Good thing is that there is an array of great traveling tools and applications available these days that help travelers end up with the most wonderful travel experiences.

If you are fond of traveling, there are obviously plenty of things you need to take care of. It will definitely feel great if you got an amazing mobile phone that you can use in making hotel reservations, checking on locations and flights and other travel related concerns in just few minutes. There are several travel mobile applications that are specially designed for your iPhone or Smartphone and you can take full advantage of these when addressing your travel needs.

Taking a Close Glimpse on Guiddoo

Hiring tour guides can be quite expensive. There are actually many other cheaper options available and one of these is using travel app. Guiddoo is one of the best mobile applications that serves as a reliable tour guide for famous museums, monuments and tourist spots. This app also provides a clear and reliable audio guide to the places you are planning to visit.

This travel app gives a neatly ordered or organized list of audio-visuals and key sights. For instance, this application tells you about a particular get away or certain cultures as well as the finest details about museums and monuments. One of the best things about this app is that it allows you to take pictures on monuments and upload these pictures.

The organized and comprehensive timeline bestows you with historical perspective. This app also covers all basic details like closing and opening hours, accessibility, weather conditions and many more. With this travel mobile app, you are even allowed to download pictures and store them on your phone when connected to WiFi spots. Guiddoo is particularly handy making it easier to have this with you when travelling. This brings arts, history, culture and travel right in your own pocket.

Guiddoo Offers Handsfree Solutions like Ocolus

Aside from innovative technology, Guiddoo will soon offer travelers with hands-free solutions such as the Oculus. This is another great tool that guarantees ultimate travel experience. With this excellent tool, traveling will never be the same again. In fact, Oculus has revolutionized the way people are travelling. Oculus gives travelers a clear picture of many different hot spots and tourist attractions. This tool brings together all travelers who are aspiring for the most magnificent travel experiences.
The availability of Oculus has been made possible with the help of Guiddoo, which is the very first specialized and personal tour guide on mobile application. This app is now available for iOs and Android and considered as the first of its type that offers highly researched and in-depth audio-visual guide to the world’s amazing travel destinations.

Guiddoo Indiegogo Campaign

Guiddoo is the next big travel tech startup that provides Tour Guiding and Travel Planning for travelers on mobile currently and on hands-free devices like Google Glass and Oculus VR in the near future. #Support Guiddoo Indiegogo Campaign to raise $100,000 and get perks like Travel Coupons which can be used for booking flights,hotels,car hire and Tour & Package bookings for your holiday next year and free subscription to Guiddoo Apps.