Must-see landscapes of the natural world (part 4)

Must-see landscapes of the natural world (part 4)

Today we’ll be concluding our quick look at some of the top must-see landscapes of the natural world that you should consider seeing while both you and they are still there and we’ll be finishing with some rather remote places indeed.

Saba Marine National Park – Netherlands Antillesmust-see-natural-landscapes

There’s quite a bit of contrast between this island paradise and the 15-minute flight that will take you here from the very modern and garish casinos and condos of nearby Saint Marteen.

The place has a mesmerizing volcanic landscape and when you think nothing can equal it, that’s when you should take a dip below the ocean’s surface and reveal a colorful kingdom of neon coral, filled with reef sharks, sea turtles and all manner of rainbow colored fish.

Tongariro Natioanal Park – New Zealand

After your first glance at the Tongariro National Park, you’ll understand why this region was used by peter Jackson’s in his epic Lord of the Rings trilogy. Ever wanted to see Mount Doom? Well this is as close as you’re going to get, with the park’s three dormant volcanoes being immortalized in the films.

That’s not all though, there are also the clear and cool waters of Lake Taupo and some wonderful geological anomalies to explore such as the Craters of the Moon – mud and smoke spewing craters.

Galapagos National Park – Galapagos Islands

We can’t really make a list of must-see landscapes of the natural world without mentioning quite likely the most well-known such destination, the legendary stomping ground of Darwin. This archipelago features 19 large islands created by soaring volcanoes, each of them being home to a different and varied batch of creatures, from the gentle – and long-living – tortoise to the very curious blue-footed boobie.

Entry to the islands is quite steep, however diving and adventure tours do exist.