How to travel with friends for long periods of time (part 2)

How to travel with friends for long periods of time (part 2)

What could be better than going on a trip with some close friends and having a great time? Going on the same tripe and actually enjoying the company that you’re taking with you. That’s what we started talking about yesterday and we’ll finish – to a certain extent – today, we’re looking at how to approach a trip with friends that will not result either in your friendships fraying or murder.

In our last article we talked about choosing your travel mates, setting the expectations for your trip and budget consideration, today we’ll start with a bit of psychology.

It’s fine to split up

We mentioned earlier about how conflicting personalities will want to do different things and how it would be a good idea to set a clear goal for your trip. But even if that happens, it is still perfectly fine to split up and do different things if that’s what is wanted. Resentment can grow quickly when one of the party is made to feel like they’re catering to the other’s itinerary plans.

Splitting up, regardless of the period of time will do great things to calm these increasing tensions. It shouldn’t be seen as a sign of trouble or a failure on any of the parts, it’s just good policy.

Talk about your daily routines

Talking about what and when you plan to do while on your trip will also be a good idea. Partly because of the reason we talked about earlier – you might just have completely different plans – but also because some people are morning person while others are night owls, and those are two very different approaches to a trip that will rapidly fatigue either or both types quickly.

Consideration for your travel partner

Even in the very happy case in which all of the earlier and above factors are taken into consideration and successfully solved, a little bit of consideration will go a long way on a trip. Be aware of your travel partner’s mood and fatigue level, make sure to balance each other’s needs and don’t hog the bathroom.

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