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How to travel with friends for long periods of time (part 1)

How to travel with friends for long periods of time (part 1)

What could be better than going on a trip with some close friends? Basically nothing, but you’d be amazed in how many cases, individuals who have been friends for many years, will just not get along for the length of a trip.

The day-to-day circumstances and stress of travel can expose and magnify some irritations and disparities that you never knew actually existed. However, there are several ways in which to avoid the friction that can appear during a trip with friends.

Choose your company wisely

You should pick those friends whose company you consistently enjoy in a myriad of situations; going on a trip with someone you met a couple of month ago may not prove to be the best of ideas. Choices to think at least two times about would be your drinking buddy, or that girl or guy you dated for two weeks, you know what we mean.

Set expectations correctly

You need to talk about the vision of the trip before you actually start it. Make sure you’re all on the same page about what it will be: vacation? Work trip? urban exploration? Laying about on the beach? These are important things to make clear from the on-set because different people are well…different. Some people will want to be constantly on the move, seeing thing and going places, while others will be more about the lounging around and enjoying the weather or the beach or whatever. If these polar opposite types of personalities clash then friction will quickly arise.


Before you start your trip, make sure to establish each other’s comfort preference as well as available funds for all the necessities of the trip, things like accommodation, food and transportation. Many strong friendships will start fraying at the edges when budget imbalances are brought to the surface. However, when it comes down to transportation, car rental might be an option ideal for all.

There are a few other things to consider, which we’ll talk about in a future article.



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