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High season is over, welcome low season! – Part 1

High season is over, welcome low season! – Part 1

Summer is almost over and some of us, desperate to make the most of the last sunny, hot days, are struggling to find the best last minute deals for an amazing summer vacation. Others, more resignated to the end of summer – and also perhaps a bit smarter when it comes to traveling on a lower budget – know the High season is over, welcome low season!

The summer season, the most coveted of them all, is nearly over; but that doesn’t mean vacation season has to end. September is also a very appreciated month to travel and here are some of the reasons you should consider when traveling during the low season:

  • Low season doesn’t necessarily mean “bad weather” and “winter”. The long days of summer may be shorter now, it’s true, but the good sunny weather stays nice well into autumn in a bunch of great five-star destinations.
  • July and August are the most expensive months to travel – a time that some call “the ultra-high season”. But September and even October are a good time to travel as well, and the great part is you will get pretty much the same experience for as little as half that price.
  • You can travel to Spain, for example, and get an amazing, unique Alicante tour for a very accessible price. As an alternative, you can also visit the sunny and still warm shores of the Portuguese seaside, the Algarve, for a very low price. Lodging options and plane tickets are definitely not the only things to get a discount these days. You can also get Algarve car hire and Faro airport low cost transfers to the region for very affordable rates.

The weather stays nice and the prices go down – here is the main argument in favor of traveling to whatever destination during the low season. Next time we will try to front even more reasons to consider this option.




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