Guadalajara trip

Guadalajara trip

In case you’re planning a Guadalajara trip then you’re making a great choice because for some unknown reasons travelers oftentimes neglect this charming pueblo, and they really shouldn’t.

The town has somehow, and without trying, managed to become Mexico’s second city, most likely due to its many charms and how these are distributed equally and very liberally throughout its distinct neighborhoods.

The town’s Historic Center – Centro Historico – is very well dotted with proud colonial relics that now house museums, government offices, bars and hotels. Even the more modern and spread out Chapultepec has some fashionable restaurants, coffeehouses and nightclubs.

Then there’s the very mellow suburbs of Tlaquepaque and Tonala where you can find a lot of shops populated with all manner of folk art.

Guadalajara has had many contributions to what we consider to be the Mexican lifestyle, including tequila, mariachi music, the broad sombrero, rodeos and not to mention the Mexican Hat Dance.

Obviously the food that you’ll have access to is equally local, from the streetside taco and torta ahoganda stands to small neighborhood cafes and fine dining rooms in restored colonial mansions.

There are many sights and attractions in town to occupy your time with such as the twin-towered cathedral, most likely Guadalajara’s most beloved and conspicuous landmark.

The building has been standing since 1618 – when it was consecrated – and is almost as old as the city itself. The interior features include Gothic vaults, massive Tuscan-style gold-leaf pillars and 11 richly decorated altars.

Just north of the cathedral you’ll find the Museo Regional de Guadalajara, a great museum that tells the story of the town and its surrounding region. The museum features exhibits from prehistory to the revolution.

For those who want to experience a bit of the local life you should also keep in mind that on Thursday and Sunday, Tonala bursts into life with a huge street market spanning through dozens of streets and alleys, it’s a great time for hours.

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